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Live chat is an incredibly important lead source for us at Frosts Cars, as well as a tool for supporting our customers with their online experience. It was therefore crucial we selected the right partner when it came to moving away from an in-person solution to implementation of an AI chatbot. I can say without doubt that AutoConverse are the perfect partner. Their solution is truly impressive and has exceeded all my expectations. Not only is the interface user-friendly, but the AI's responses are prompt, accurate, and tailored to perfectly respond to customer enquiries. Ross and the AutoConverse team are fantastic too, a friendly team who I enjoy catching up with on a regular basis. They communicate very well, and happily discuss feedback, development ideas and custom requests to improve and refine the service provided to our users. I’m very proud to partner with AutoConverse who work incredibly hard to be at the forefront of automotive AI live chat.
Frosts Cars

Robert Robinson
Marketing Manager
Frosts Cars

Since implementing AutoConverse’s AI chatbot, we have experienced an improvement in customer interactions. The transition from a traditional in-person live chat services has not only streamlined communication but also elevated the quality of engagements. The chatbot's ability to provide rich and accurate information about our vehicles is very impressive. This innovative solution is undeniably steering the future of AI Chatbots within the automotive sector, positioning us at the forefront of the industry.

Faisal Mubarik
Top Gear Stoke

"Recognising the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence, Glyn Hopkin made a strategic decision to incorporate AI technologies into our operations. AutoConverse have been instrumental in this delivery, extremely efficient with our custom requirements and since implementing we have experienced a substantial surge in qualified leads, allowing us to generate more sales across all departments."
Glyn Hopkin

James Bowyer
Marketing Director
Glyn Hopkin

"We couldn't be happier with our experience with the team at AutoConverse. From the very beginning, we were impressed by the level of dedication they showed in refining their system. The continuous improvements they've made over a short time have truly elevated their platform."

Darren Webber
IT and Marketing
South West Nissan

"At first, we tested AutoConverse on our Hyundai franchise, due to the great success and the constant development, we now have it on all platforms for all franchises. This has given us instant interaction with our customers that is proving to be invaluable."
Endeavour Automotive

Karen Hodgins
Head of Group Communications
Endeavour Automotive

"Since switching to AutoConverse from an in-person live chat service, we’ve seen an uplift in the quality of chats, with more qualified and educated customers arriving as leads. I’ve been impressed at just how smart the chatbot is at answering customers questions with rich and accurate information about vehicles. This is unquestionably the future of LiveChat within the automotive sector!"
Quest Motor Group

Conor Judge
Group Marketing Manager
Quest Motor Group

"I'm continually impressed by how AutoConverse are always evolving and improving their product. It's evident that AutoConverse are striving to be the best in the industry and are dedicated to delivering the best possible customer experience."
Roadworthy Bristol

Kelly Feltham
Brand Manager
Roadworthy Bristol

I'm blown away by how quickly AutoConverse responds to my feedback. It's refreshing to see a company that's so committed to providing excellent service, always there to hand should I need them. Keep up the great work!

Dan Robinson
Aftersales Director
York Ward & Rowlatt

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